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Essentials in teaching

There have been different methods of teching through centuries. Its important to teach in a way students learn the subjectand understand most or everything. There should be assurance that aspiring teachers can meet rigorous state-level standards established to protect the interests of students and the teaching profession. The basic quality of teaching which cannot be comprimised in anyway. It should be mentioned to safeguard the commitment to teacher quality in each critical component of the teacher development continuum. Private schools should go through state licensing systems to gauge effectively the knowledge and skill of prospective teachers and guide them to improve their skills. Calls for raising student performance must be accompanied by additional resources for up-to-date textbooks, quality teachers and smaller class sizes.
  • For teachers, evaluations are a more rigorous and thorough accountability system than standardized test scores.
  • For students, assessment also should take into account classroom assignments, grades, scores on teacher-developed tests and other performance measures.
  • For schools, assessments should take into account graduation rates, progress on standardized tests (as opposed to just raw test scores) and other measures.
  • At best, standardized tests can measure only certain kinds of student learning -- and can't give a complete picture of what an individual child needs.
  • Comparing standardized test scores across schools, districts and states doesn't take into account important differences in school funding or parent and community support to help students succeed. Standardized tests should be used to guide instruction by helping identify gaps in learning and groups of students who need the most help.
Assuring the Quality of Teacher Education Programs

Every child should be learning and succeeding in school, but the reality is that lots of students are struggling, and the reasons are as diverse and complex as the students themselves.

There are good schools in Norway and education systems are good. But its education system is not among the best in Europe. The fact is that too many schools serving minority, low income, and rural students have overcrowded classrooms, uncertified teachers, and low student achievement. One way to improve is to establish a organization like NCATE in the US for accreditation and certification. NCATE believes every student deserves a caring, competent, and highly qualified teacher and promotes the certification process as an important element of a comprehensive system to ensure teacher quality. The certification process is a rigorous, challenging process that causes teachers to analyze their work.
Schools, teachers and students should all be held to high standards, and it can be said that accountability should be shared by schools, education employees, policymakers and parents -- with the ultimate goal of helping every student succeed. Another important matter is to make low-performing schools "priority schools" by urging fundamental changes-changes that will create a safe, orderly environment that focuses on high standards of teaching and learning for all students.
Many researchers believe that by working together, teachers can help each other build the commitment for improvement and then implement the strategies necessary to raise student achievement.
  • Reducing class size in the early grades
  • Taking steps to enhance teacher quality, including professional development and higher entry standards for those entering the teaching profession
  • Building school-community partnerships to create/expand after-school extended learning programs for school-age children.
  • a challenging curriculum
  • ample resources for all public and private schools, including those that serve poor and minority students
  • involved parents
Teachers with small classes can spend time and energy helping each child succeed. Smaller classes also enhance safety, discipline and order in the classroom. When qualified teachers teach smaller classes in modern schools, kids learn more. It's common sense, and the research proves it works to increase student achievement. The benefits of smaller classes are now widely acknowledged. Few education issues have been studied more than the effect of class size on student achievement.

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