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Initiated into Bharatanatyam at the age of 10 under the tutelage of Jeyanthy Shanmugalingam, Maithily continued hereducation in advanced Bharatanatyam and Nattuvangam at Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Jaffna. She has received good training in Bharatanatyam from her University education and received Natyakalamani title. After that she lectured at Jaffna university and has taken part in many performances. After graduation she lectured Bharatanatyam at the same university for some years. She is the first student of Mrs. Jeyanthi Shanmugalingam to earn her Bharata Kala Vithagar, a title to dance from Karnatic Music Association of Nothern Sri Lanka. She also holds a degree in arts from University of Peradeniya.

Bharata Narthanalaya is the name of Bharatam dance school, was formed in Sri Lanka in 1986 under guidance of her teacher Mrs. Jeyanthi Shanmugalingam and this academy took over her students when Mrs. Jeyanthi Shanmugalingam moved to Canada. After that many students continued to study at Bharata Narthanalaya and got their teachers grade. Many of her students are with skills in Europe, some are in other parts of the world and some of them are teaching to their students.

The highly dedicated deciplined process of learning and training is meant to enrich the students` creative skills and give them knowlegde of cultures and art forms. This involves interpreting the textbooks into a practical guide to dancing and giving step by step information to students about combining powerful, rhythmically intense foot work, lyrical postures and dramatic story telling and dancing. Consisting of highly trained dancers and children, the institute has given invigorating performances to promote tolerance and multicultural understanding between ethnic communities in Sri Lanka and Norway.

She has participated in dance dramas such as Thazayini Kalyanam, Nala Dhamayanthi. She was given the role of Thazayini in Thazayini Kalyanam,
Damayanthi in Nala Dhamayanthi dance drama and got good response.
She has learnt various techniques of Bharatanatyam from leading Bharatanatya teachers like Mrs.Shanthini Sivaneshan, Mrs. Jeyanthy Shanmugalingam, Mrs. Leela Sevarajah, Mrs. Shantha Ponuthurai, Mrs.Pathmarangini Umashankar, Mrs.Krishanthi Raveendra and Mrs Anusha Mylvahanam in Sri Lanka and India. Some of them has taught her from G.C.E A\L, the secondary education in Sri Lanka. She and other students have also involved in a programme to make dance from Pancha Tantra Keertanai.

She choreographed many programmes for the Association of Young Artists and for the university`s Navarathiri festival. Many of her students have taken part in her dance programmes when she choreographed and presented thematic dance features of many dance dramas. Five students had their Arangetram under her choreography and guidance. She did teaching in Colombo for some years and produced programmes for the Sri Lankan Rupavahini TV station`s education programmes. Rupavahini telecasted the programmes once a week.
Bharata Narthalaya started teachings in Norway in 1998 and had many programmes for both mainstream and for Tamil cultural events.
She has with her creative talent encouraged students to take part in performances that will give not only joy but also meaningful social awarness. It`s noted that her students also become creative and search for knowledge.

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