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Guru- Shishya Lakshana
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Methods of teaching

  Matsya tantra
  Kurma tantra
  Bhramara tantra
  Marjara tantra
  Markata tantra

Matsya tantra: Just as a fish hatches its eggs by just glancing them only for a while, the guru imparts the full knowledge by his gestures and behaviour and leaves them to improve themselves.

Kurma tantra: Just as a tortoise leaves its egg on the earth to develop on its own and keeps thinking of them while in water, the guru trains his shishya in all the aspects and keeps distance from him but at the same time letting him know that he is thinking a great deal about him.

Bhramara tantra: As the wasp acts towords the worm as if is stinging the worm constantly so that in the process of constant touch, the worm becomes a wasp, guru who keeps a constant watch on his shisya enabling the latter to think and acquire the knowledge and develop his own abilities and qualities.

Marjara tantra: As the cat protects its kitten till they become mature, the guru keeps a constant watch till the shisya acquires full knowledge and maturity.

Markata tantra: As the monkey protects and feeds its babies as and when it feels like, through the babies always cling to the mother, the guru teaches the shishya as and when he likes although is constantly with the guru.

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