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About Bharata Narthanalayam

Bharata narthanalayam is a dance institute based in Oslo Norway, trains and gives courses in ancient south indian Bharatanatyam dance, Students can learn Bharatanatyam from introductory to advanced levels, taught by artistic teacher Mrs Maithily Raveendra. Maithily has been teaching dance to her students to realize their artistic potential and seek artistic fulfillment by learning Bharatanatyam.

This school and teacher has trained more than 80 students in Jaffna Sri Lanka in early nintees when she taught there. She has choreographed and performed 4 of her students Arangetrams in Sri Lanka. She began teaching Bharata Natyam in1986 in Jaffna when Bharata narthanalayam was formed there.

She has choreographed and staged many dance dramas to promote womens libration, Sillapathikaram, dance to pancharatna kertanai. Then she moved to Colombo because of situation in the country and continued teaching to students there. She worked with education division of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Television and her teachings were telecasted by TV station. It benefited students who were unable to learn classical dance by direct teaching.This institute has contributed many programmes to organizations like Save the children, SOSbarnebyer, Oslo Municipal Council, Yoga festival, Folk Museum and in many Tamil programmes in Norway. The institute celebrated their annual festival in 1999, 2003., 2007 with many dance programmes and Nala Dhamayanthi dancedrama.

Now, Bharata narthanalayam is based in Vestli Skole and Vestli SFO in Oslo Norway. The institute has become a teaching academy of classical dance to students in Norway since 1998 and it has more students now than in initial years.

Initiated into Bharatanatyam at the age of 10 under the tutelage of Jeyanthy Shanmugalingam and continued advanced levels in Bharatanatyam at University of Jaffna. After graduation she lectured Bharata natyam at the same university for some years.There are many of her students with skills in europe, some are in other parts of the globe and some of them are teaching to their students. The highly dedicated deciplined process of learning and training is meant to enrich the students creative skills and giving them knowlegde of cultures and art forms. This involves intepreting the textbooks to practical guide to dancing and giving step by step information to students about combining powerful rhythmically intense foot work, lyrical postures and dramatic story telling and dancing. Consisting highly trained dancers and children, the intitute has given invigorating performances to promote tolerence and multiculture enviornment between ethnic communities in Sri Lanka and Norway.

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