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Guru- Shishya Lakshana
Essentials in teaching
Qualifications of a guru
Methods of teaching
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Qualifications of a guru

  Smriti (memory)
  Medha (intellect)
  Apoha (determinnation)
  Shishyanishpadana (ability to bring out a good disciple)
  Uha (reasonableness)

A dance guru has to have certain additional qualifications known as guru lakshanam which are as follows:

Belief in God , systematic knowledge of the Natya Shastra and other concerned classics, satvika life, possession of good habits like avoidance of smoking, drinking and cheap behaviour, proper attitude to the female disciples as if they are mother or sister, knowledge of scriptures and mythology to be able to explain the themes properly to the disciple, willingness to accept intelligent disciples even of poor background; in addition, he should be considerate, kind and caring, patient towards the disciples` attitude, sten and strict to them to discern the good from the bad.

Disqualifications of a guru:

Indulging in drinking, and immoral activities, qualities of vengeance, laziness, capability of stealing, fooling or criticising others or arguing on points on which he does not have knowledge, acting shy as far as training his disciple is concerned, over - concerned, over- confident about the disciple`s performance, short tempered in the process of teaching, boastful of his achievements and jealous of other`s achievements, teaching undeserving people who can lure him with money.

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