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Welcome to Bharatham Dance school. Dance classes in different levels in Bharatanatyam are given at Vestli skole and Vestli SFO in Oslo The Bharatham Dance school is a learning institute committed to making dance a meaningful and enjoyable experience for one and all.

At Bharatham Dance school, we provide the right environment to enrich students confident, while making the whole process of learning dance a memorable and fun time of their life.

Join us, in enhanceing the olden art and joys of dance.

Veitvet Senter - Wedsdays 1800- 2100 and Thursdays 1700 -2000

Haugenstua - Sundays 1030-1230

Dance programme BharathaNatya Kachcheri
  Three Teachers grade students of Bharathanarthalayam are perfoming in this programme. under guid...
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A successful dance Arangetram
  We thank every one who helped and came to see the Arangetram in Sep. 2013. We have received many...
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Dance programme
  Welcome to students dance programme on 02.11.2013 saturday 1730 at Rommen scene...
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