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Guru- Shishya Lakshana
Essentials in teaching
Qualifications of a guru
Methods of teaching
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  Uttama (Superior)
  Madhyama (Mediocre)
  Adhama (Below Average)
  Adhamadhama (inferior)

Qualifications of Shisya (disciple):

  Medha (intelligence)
  Smriti (memory)
  Shlagna (praise- worthiness)
  Raga (devotion amd dedication)
  Sangharsha (ability to struggle and hard work)
  Utsaha (enthusiasm)

A shishya has to have certain additional qualifications which are as follows:
A good shishya is one who learns and practises with interest and concentration and is intelligent, responsible for earning a good name for his family and guru, adjusts and adapts himself to the various cirumstances and situations he is in, is proud of his guru and bold enough to say that in public and spends most of his training.

Disqualifications of a shishya:
Indulging in drinking, smoking, stealing, oversleeping, uttering, lies or in passionate activities or being lazy, short tempered, less intelligent or afraid to delve deep for knowledge etc.

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